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Flight School - Now Boarding

As part of our educational focus, we are excited to offer flight school the first Wednesday of every month to help expand your craft beverage knowledge base. Each class will be​ curated and led by Christa Donofrio, Certified ​Cicerone® and owner of Beer Tooth Taproom. The hour long sessions will include a preset flight of four beer styles that will be discussed in relation to the topic.  

Down to the Cellar: January 10

Discussion about what styles of beer to age and why

Pucker Up, Buttercup: February 7

Explore the world of sour beers and how they are not created equal.  Beer styles may include: Berliner Weisse, Gose, Flanders Red

Turn Up the Heat: March 6

Experience how the different beer styles affect the intensity of spiciness in foods.  Beer Styles may include: IPA, Stout, Scottish, Lager

On the Dark Side: April 3

Dive into the "What" and "Why" of black lagers and blonde stouts and learn ore about these styles that challenge your preconceived taste expections.  Be​er styles may include: Stout, Blonde Stout, Helles Lager, Schwarzbier

Drink Your Wheaties: May 1

Explore this refreshing spring time beer.  Beer styles may include: German Hefeweizen, Belgian Wit and American Wheat

IPAs For Days:  June 5

Explore the world of India Pale Ales where you will learn about the differences between the various IPA styles.  Beer styles may include: IPA, DIPA, Session IPA

NO CLASS: July 3

Go On, Taste It!: August 7

Discuss sense of smell, taste, and how to really taste things while unpacking out adjectives and learning which flavers come from the different raw components of the brewing process.  Beer syles may include: Lager, Sour, Stout, IPA

What's Up with September?: September 4

Why does the world celebrate Oktoberfest and drink March beer in September?  Take a closer look at German beer history and the Marzen beer style

IBU? Not a Clue: October 2

Unravel the mystery of IBU, how they differ from perceived bitterness and why timing is everything with hops in the brewing process.  Beer styles may include: German Pilsner, IPA, Double IPA, Stout

Learn about adjuncts and what styles utilize them.  Be​er styles may include: Wheats, Milk Stouts, Scottish/Scotch 

For the Love of Adjuncts: November 6

Walking Through a Winter Warmer Land: December 4

Sample various winter warmers and discuss the differences & similarities

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