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About Us

Bee​r Tooth is a neighborhood taproom with a focus on beer education for all levels of beer drinkers.  

Craft beer in the state of North Carolina has come a long way since 2005.  Why is 2005 important?  Governor Mike Easley signed HB327 raising the maximum ABV of beer from 6 to 15 percent.  August 13th should be a state holiday if you ask me.  Once "Pop The Cap" made it legal to sell styles that have higher ABVs,  NC beer drinkers got to experience a multitude of beer styles beyond Budweiser, Coors, and Natural Light.  These styles have their place in beer history, but there are so many outstanding styles from around the world in which to indulge.  

The higher limit also allowed breweries to brew authentic styles and grow the craft beer culture.  With this culture, came a new vocabulary.  Instead of having a beer that "Tastes Great, Less" get what I mean, now you are drinking something with 50 IBUs that is hop forward with toasty malt and a clean finish.  

It is a fact that describing a craft beverage involves a lot of adjectives.  It is also true that those of us that grew up drinking "Bud heavy" can convert to craft beer and enjoy it.  It is just a matter of not being intimidated while you find what your palate likes.  

This is the specialty of Beer Tooth.  We are here to help folks of all craft drinking experience find exactly what they are in the mood for.  We can help novices determine what flavor suits them and translate some of that vocabulary to make ordering easier (either at Beer Tooth or other establishments).

Our Promise

We are committed to going above and beyond the

industry-standard for cleaning and maintenance of our draft

system to ensure that each beverage poured at Beer Tooth

Taproom tastes exactly as intended.

Fresh & Clean

Working with wholesale distributors and local breweries allows Beer Tooth to have the newest releases, freshest seasonal beer and international brands on rotation to make the selection dynamic.  The attention we give to our draft system care and cleaning ensures you are tasting each beverage at its best.  

You will taste the difference.

Our Staff

Christa Donofrio

Owner &

Chief Operations Officer

Christy La Mountain

Owner &

Chief Communications Officer

Kari Riggle

Beverage Guide

Michael Taylor

Beverage Guide


Taproom Greeter

Photo Gallery

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